World Water Day

Thanks to supereco, I learned today is World Water Day.  Water has been on my mind the past couple of days after discussing the subject in a permaculture course I took this weekend, led by Jude Hobbs.  She told us that if you put all the fresh water in a gallon container, only a teaspoon would be drinkable.  Well, I was shocked, I must say – I had no idea things were that dire.

We also learned that out of the 6.5 billion people on the earth, 1.5 billion do not have safe drinking water.  This just should not be allowed to be.

Linked from the World Water Day is the IRC – the International Water and Sanitation Centre. From there:

World Water Day – 22 March 2005 – marks the start of a new UN International Decade for Action on water. The Water for Life Decade 2005-2015 will give a high profile to implementing water-related programmes and the participation of women. The UN hopes that the Decade will boost the chances of achieving international water-related goals and the United Nations Millennium Declaration.

Apparently, “The first water decade – from 1981 to 1990 – brought water to over a billion people and sanitation to almost 77 million.” Amazing and awesome!  I hope this current Water for Life Decade is making an impact.

What does that mean for me?  Well, it’s already got me thinking about water and decreasing my own usage.  While low-flow shower heads won’t go over very well (read:  will meet heavy resistance), there are other ways  I’ve figured out to cut down on my water usage.  Things that come to mind right off:

  • Putting a bucket in the tub to catch the water that flows while the shower is warming up in the morning.  This water can be used later to hand-wash clothes (wool, etc.)
  • Taking shorter showers!  I take cold showers on summer evenings, but have plans to make the house cooler with plants.
  • Using a plastic tub to hold rinse water during dish washing instead of letting it flow.
  • Turning off the water while I brush my teeth.

I’m sure I can come up with others, too.  Perhaps water catchment will be in my future, too.  🙂

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