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BasilI’ve seen a number of things in my web travels over the past few weeks that I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t (mostly due to work projects), so I’m going to summarize instead of letting them languish in my feed reader. Here are some of the interesting things I’ve come across lately. Good chance I may comment more on them at a later time.

Articles and Blog Posts
Spoiled: Organic and Local Is So 2008 [Mother Jones]
“Our industrial food system is rotten to the core. Heirloom arugula won’t save us. Here’s what will.”

Industrial models for sustainable food? [The Sustainable Foodie]
On the subject of pork, whether or not it’s better to eat sustainable pork grown elsewhere or local pork. Reminiscent of the choice presented to eat organic fruit shipped to NY from CA or local non-organic fruit.

What’s Keeping Me So Busy: Real Food Media, Expo West & the No GMO Challenge [Cheese Slave]
Recent progress on the development of Real Food Media.

Field Report: Table to Farm [NY Times]
“A small-town Missouri restaurant connects the community, one root-beer-braised brisket at a time.”

Upcoming March Events (on the Calendar)

CSA in NYC Conference, March 8
The Green Renter: Green Roofs and the Urban Environment: Applications and Benefits, March 9
An Introduction to Urban Permaculture: Simple Tools for Sustainable Living, March 21-22

I’ll be attending the CSA conference as well as the Urban Permaculture course, which I will of course blog about here.

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